Jayson Whittington
Jayson Whittington: new CV editor
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THERE’S a major change at Glass’s, the valuations experts. Longtime – of 28 years standing – CV expert George Alexander is departingm alon with leisure vehicles editor Randal Thomas, to be replaced by Jayson Whittington.

Glass’s has appointed Jayson Whittington to a new role:  manager of commercial vehicle and leisure valuations at Glass’s.

The new position will cover all commercial and leisure vehicle valuations – the latter including motorcycles, caravans and motorhomes.

Jayson joined Glass’s in March 2014 and has a 20 year track record in the motor industry including key roles at Manheim, Carshop, Robins and Day and Arval PHH

He said: “I’m thrilled to be taking over this role. Glass’s is the market leader for valuations in commercial and leisure vehicles, I am looking forward to maintaining and building on the reputation that we have for fairness and accuracy.”

Rupert Pontin, head of valuations at Glass’s, explained the changes:

“George and Randal have been Glass’s stalwarts for many years, providing a highly professional and very accurate valuations service for our customers. The company owes them a huge debt of gratitude. Jayson has big shoes to fill but he has an excellent track record in the industry and we are sure he will be a success.”

He added that the two older positions had been combined as part of enhancements in the way that Glass’s handled and processed its data, making the split role unnecessary.

Rupert explained: “We have been making changes to our management structure and data processes for some time and are now in a position where we believe that our team and our valuations are market-leading. This is an exciting time for Glass’s.”


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