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Much of MJ Abbott’s work takes its people off-road and the new 4×4 Sprinters have much greater carrying capacity than the firm’s existing 4x4s

MJ Abbott is a Salisbury based construction firm that specialises in building golf courses and other sports facilities.

It runs a small fleet of around 60 vans and trucks, dominated by Mercedes models, to which it has just added another 13.

we’ve only just stood down the first Sprinter we bought, after 13 years and yearly half a million kilometers!

The nature of MJ Abbott’s business demands a variety of different types of van, and while Mercedes Sprinter 3.5 tonne 313 CDIs are in the majority the new line-up also includes two Sprinter 4x4s, a Dualiner crewcab variant with a second row of seats, a dropsider, three Mercedes Citan 109 CDIs and a pair of Vito 116CDI Dualiners.

All the vans were supplied by the local branch of Rygor. Abbott’s Technical director Adrian Abbott was particularly pleased that Mercedes is now offering a small van in the form of the Citan.

“We’ll be monitoring the performance of our first Citans closely. First impressions are very positive though – the guys who drive them tell me the Mercedes are more comfortable and much quieter than our established small vans.”

“The fact that Rygor now offers a small van is great news, as there’s a big attraction to being able to source all of our vehicles from a single supplier.”

The addition of the Citan to the Mercedes van range means the business can source all its vans from the same supplier

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