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Duty delayed: The Government has postponed the planned 3p a litre rise for at least six months



The Government has done a U-turn on plans to impose a 3p-a-litre rise in fuel duty from the end of July.

Chancellor George Osborne has announced today that the rise will not go ahead until 2013 at earliest.

The move follows a campaign by road users’ groups, who argued the change announced in the Budget would damage the economy.

The Road Haulage Association is delighted at the Chancellor’s decision to abandon the 3.02ppl duty increase for six months.

“This is a further landmark policy achievement by the FairFuelUK alliance, of which the RHA is a leading member”, said RHA Director of Policy, Jack Semple.

“The FairFuelUK campaign has driven a change in the way that fuel duty is perceived.  Today’s announcement will prevent further pressure being applied to the profitability and cash flow of UK hauliers in particular.  The duty increase would have added £1,200 a year to the cost of running a truck.  More widely, the Chancellor’s decision will be welcomed by businesses and consumers across the entire economy.


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