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If you receive free fuel, the benefit is rising

Fuel benefit charge multiplier increases to £550

IF YOU provide your van or pick-up drivers with free fuel for private use, or you receive free fuel from your employer, then the cost of the benefit is rising.

Staff receiving company-funded fuel used privately will see their benefit-in-kind tax bills rise from April 6. And with National Insurance rates rising to 13.8% in 2011, companies will pay more on the employee provided benefit, too.

The Chancellor confirmed in the Budget that the fuel benefit charge multiplier is to increase from £500 to £550.

So a 20% income tax payer will be charged 20% of £550 for free fuel, which is £110 per year; a 40% tax payer will pay £220 a year.

National Insurance rate rises

The Chancellor reconfirmed that employee and employer National Insurances rates will rise by 1% from April 6, 2011. That means that employees will pay 12% on earnings. Employers will see their NICs rise from 12.8% to 13.8% including those paid on benefits-in-kind such as company-funded fuel used privately.

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