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New year is a great time to commit to change, how about brushing up on your driving habits?

WHEN resolutions are made, many are not adhered to, but making simple New Year driving resolutions is something that can quite easily be done.

Driving risks

If you are a company car driver, the last thing that you want is an accident to blemish your employee insurance history, so it makes sense to minimise risk wherever possible to avoid the chances of this happening.

We often see drivers overtaking, pulling out, changing lanes without indicating

We often see drivers overtaking, pulling out, changing lanes without indicating; taking “little chances” can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding collisions and, of course, dreaded road rage! Even if you don’t pull out, others will, so having a keen eye out for any potential problems is always a good thing.

Using a mobile phone handset in a vehicle is not just a criminal offence; it is a genuine hazard by way of distraction. If you are required to use your mobile telephone in the car as part of your business then speak to your company car manager or employer about hands-free options.

Speed limits

As well as keeping other road users, pedestrians and passengers safe, adhering to the speed limits will ensure that your licence stays clean and your company insurance premiums are not compromised because of increased points on your licence.

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