Honda Pioneer widens all-terrain
Teasing glimpse of the Honda Pioneer all-terrain vehicle launching in 2017
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IF you’ve always fancied yourself driving an off-roader which is even faster than the mighty NSX sports car, the new Honda Pioneer widens all-terrain choices and promises just that – off-road anyway – when launched in the UK in early 2017.

Honda is introducing drivers to its first ATV side by side (SXS) vehicle, which has been built and designed to be more practical than a quad bike and more manageable than a traditional full size 4×4 vehicle.

With all-wheel-drive and a powerful 700cc engine, it will certainly get you to places you can’t imagine. And not just widening the seating format from some pillion options, the Pioneer will be available as either a two or a four-seater and has been designed to be more suitable for both leisure and business  users.

With the launch of the Pioneer it could raise the status of the brand recognised as the undisputed ATV market leaders.

Steve Morris, head of Honda (UK), said: “The Pioneer is a fantastic vehicle that will strengthen Honda’s ATV offering significantly. By adding a choice of SxS options to our range, we will be able to build on our best-in-industry reputation and the long-standing customers relationships we have developed through our nationwide network of authorised dealers.”

He added: “The Pioneer also sets a new benchmark for a SxS ATV. Our engineers and designers have developed it from the wheels up with the same attention to detail they would any Honda vehicle.

“This means users will benefit from new levels of comfort, refinement, agility and handling as well as the superior performance and aftersales care for which Honda is known.”








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