Crusin cone
PJ Burchett’s modded Harvester Metro van 'Cruisin Cone'
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What’s a Harvester Metro van?

  • One of the earliest, mass-produced delivery trucks from the U.S.
  • Produced from 1938 to 1975
  • Available in ½, ¾, or 1-tonne versions

A VAN should be a reflection of your business and PJ Burchett’s modded Harvester Metro van is certainly that. If the graphics and that huge cone on the roof don’t grab your attention, the 900bhp nitrous V8 punch should mean the ice cream gets to customers before it turns into a watery mush!

Ever drive past a rusted vehicle and dream what it would look like if it was fixed?

Well that’s what happened to American Burchett, when he found the old Harvester Metro van in a field. Anyway, try as he might, he couldn’t forget this little van and ended up contacting the owner to see if he could buy it.

The Metro van had been gutted, was being used as a storage shed and unsurprisingly the owner wasn’t keen to sell. Anyway, after PJ offered to build the man a new stowage shed in exchange for the van, a deal was eventually done!

After being left to the elements for years, the Metro van was in bad shape, but that didn’t stop PJ in his plans to turn it into a modded ice cream van.

On top of panel work repairs inside and out, PJ even had to fabricate some panels such as the Metro van’s grille and rear doors as they’re not available new. Other changes such as improved front suspension, plus fitting power steering and that 900bhp V8 engine with nitrous oxide fuel injection.

PJ’s goal was to get the car ready for this year’s SEMA show and the impressive paint scheme was just finished in time for the event. At the show the coolest of cool ice cream vans attracted quite a lot of attention as it was used to give out ice creams to show goers and took part in the after party – SEMA Ignited. This included a parade where the ‘Cruisin Cone’ as PJ has called it, took part with other modified cars.

SEMA, or the Speciality Equipment Market Association Show, celebrates car modifications in style. It is where the latest in flared wheel arches, outrageous spoilers, custom paint jobs and oversized wheels take centre stage.

To find out more about this mad modded ice cream van, check out the Cruisin Cone blog site or the Instagram site (@cruisincone).


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