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Hyundai’s H350 has been benchmarked against key rivals

Hyundai shook up the car sector when it appeared in the 1980s and set a new benchmark for long warranties. At the Hanover show last month, it threw down the gauntlet to Europe’s commercial vehicle makers.

History looks like repeating itself as the Hyundai H350 is a series of commercial vehicles all designed for the European market.

The Hyundai H350 will be available as a medium sized van, a mini-bus and even a lightweight pickup. The precise UK specification and therefore prices, have not been determined.

As the UK introduction of the Hyundai H350 is still over 18-months away, its not clear if it will be sold only through existing Hyundai car dealers or a stand-alone network of retailers.

Hyundai has benchmarked the H350 against the best existing rival vehicles in Europe and it will have these squarely in its sights in 2016 when the current newcomers will also be due for facelifts or revisions.

It is going to be an interesting time.

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