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The iBac is a new smartphone app that works wirelessly with a small breathalyser and tells you if it safe to drive

EVER woken up in the morning with a stinking hangover and climbed behind the wheel of your van to start work, thinking to yourself: “Oh God, I bet I’m over the limit?”

If you have then:

a) You should be ashamed of yourself


b) You should consider investing in the iBac breathalyser, a new app that just gone on sale for iPhone and Androids that provides accurate blood alcohol measurements and backs up the results with images and GPS positions.

The app has been developed by Alcosystems of Sweden and is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Its corporate solutions are available via Microsoft’s cloud platform Windows Azure.

The iBac breathalyser is a small fuel cell based system that connects wirelessly to smartphones. It is already being used professionally at American penal institutions and Swedish rehab centres.

The app communicates with and stores results directly on the ‘phone for private users or in a cloud service for commercial use.

By taking photographs, recording GPS positions and scanning other units close by, it is simple to ensure that the right person is using the breathalyser.

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