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Industrial cleaning business ICE runs more than 50 vans, mainly Renault Master, Trafic and Kangoos

BEDFORD-based IFC Fleet Services is feeling pretty chilled right now after winning a major management contract.

The firm is now managing the light commercial and car fleet of the UK’s largest independent industrial cleaning specialist, Industrial Cleaning Equipment, or ICE.

IFC’s MD – Paul Talbot

Annual group sales of more than £10 million and business in the retail, leisure, transport and commercial sectors throughout the UK, requires ICE to run a pretty big fleet.

The firm has more than 50 light commercial vehicles, primarily Renault Master, Trafic and Kangoo models, for service and compliance engineers, and 11 company cars used by sales staff and the company directors.

ICE went hunting for an alternative supplier following a loss in confidence in its previous supplier with concerns about service levels and rising costs.

IFC Fleet Services was picked following a recommendation from ICE Commercial Director, Martyn Crowfoot, who had worked with IFC in the past.

IFC now handles all operational aspects of the ICE fleet, including new vehicle sourcing, replacement and hire cars, servicing, maintenance and repair scheduling and management, driver communications and mileage management, accident management, supplier management, and invoice management and consolidation.

ICE Finance Director Martyn Orchard, responsible for the firm’s fleet operation, said that when appointing IFC he was looking for improved efficiencies and reduced costs on the vehicle fleet.

“It has proved to be an excellent decision from our point of view and has taken away the headache we had previously in running the fleet,” Orchard told us.

“Now, instead of liaising with a number of different suppliers and receiving dozens of supplier invoices, IFC handles all supplier negotiations and we receive one consolidated monthly invoice.

“Everything is fully automated, replacing the system of spreadsheets we used previously, and IFC’s involvement has reduced our administrative burden and the time taken to run the fleet enormously.”

IFC Managing Director Paul Talbot said:

“Our objective is to provide our customers with a complete outsource for the financial and day-to-day management of their company fleet, although we can also offer a scaled down, ‘lite’ version featuring a number of service modules to suit each client’s needs.”


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