Invis-a-Rak roofing solution
Paul Trebble with the Invis-a-Rack solution on his roofing business's Toyota Hilux
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PAUL Trebble who, along with a team of four staff, provides domestic roofing services across South Somerset, had the Invis-a-Rack racking system fitted when he treated himself to a new Toyota Hilux Extra Cab.

The Invis-a-Rack racking system, which enables tradespeople to carry ladders and timber at cab level, freeing up the truck bed for tools and equipment, replaces a previous ‘DIY’ version built by Paul on his old Mitsubishi L200.

Paul’s self-built version prevented the need to strap ladders and battens to the pick-up’s headboard and, due to the length of the Toyota’s new bed, would have made the angle of the equipment being transported potentially hazardous.

However, the ‘DIY’ version had to be removed as a single unit when not required.  The Invis-a-Rack, on the other hand, is retractable and can be folded away into cassettes clamped to the pick-up, without impacting on truck bed storage space.

Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, Invis-A-Rack provides a sturdy frame when erected, which can hold up a static load of 220kg.  The Extra Cab version, fitted to Paul’s Hilux, also includes a small storage box in the cassettes, which is ideal for storing tie-down straps and bungees.

Paul Trebble said: “I’ve been in the roofing business for nearly 30 years and have always used pick-up trucks, but could never find a safe and efficient way to carry ladders and battens safely and without losing important storage space in the truck bed.

“The collapsible Invis-A-Rack saves a lot of time and effort, but most importantly it offers real safety benefits.  Strapping equipment and timber to the headboard is not particularly safe, which is why I created my own frame.  While it solved one issue, it was not the most practical solution in itself, which is why I was really pleased to discover Auto Styling Truckman’s Invis-A-Rack.”

Mike Wheeler, managing director of Auto Styling Truckman, added: “Invis-A-Rack is proving to be an effective storage solution for tradespeople.  It is a classic piece of invention, which through its simplicity and ease of use, makes a practical difference to users, which Paul Trebble and his team of roofers are experiencing first hand.”


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