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The ongoing boom in truck sales extends to Cornwall as Isuzu truck dealer T Harvey & Sons sees a record year

THIS year has proved a great success for Isuzu truck dealer T Harvey & Sons Ltd.

The firm has sold 118 new vehicles so far this year, up from 108 in the same period last year.

The firm is based at Redruth in Cornwall. Dealer principal Paul Harvey said: “Originally, we felt that the 108 trucks we sold last year was about as much as we could expect to do in a year, plus this was largely helped by the fact that we successfully negotiated a large single fleet deal

“Consequently when it came to planning for this year we set ourselves a sales target of 70 new trucks. However, for us to achieve an even higher level of new truck sales and this time without the benefit of a single major fleet order is really very pleasing.

“This success reflects our attitude to providing first-class customer service and the undoubted reputation of the product for reliability and durability, together with the growing popularity of the Isuzu truck range in this part of the world.”

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