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Iveco’s new ‘Daily Club’ entitles owners to special deals on spare parts, accessories  and services

IVECO’S new the ‘Daily Club’ allows owners to enjoy special offers and exclusive privileges on spare parts, accessories and services throughout the entire life-cycle of their vehicle.

“The concept behind the new VIP club is to create a close relationship between the customer and the dealer,” said Raymond Nogael, Marketing and Communication Director EMEA, CNH Industrial Parts and Service.

“The Daily Club is a win-win service for dealer networks and for the New Daily owners. The customer receives excellent offers and benefits that can be redeemed within the Iveco authorised network.”

From the day that the contract is signed, the New Daily owner receives a welcome pack which includes both “After Sales” and “Accessories” brochures and a leaflet presenting the new VIP Daily Club program.

A simple online registration available at will enable an the owner to become a club member and regularly receive information on spare parts and services relating to the maintenance of his their New Daily as well as discount offers on the purchase of assorted factory accessories and alerts before maintenance deadlines.

The Daily Club is a tool for the dealers and the Iveco authorised repairers to retain customers, build relationships and to create workshop traffic for vehicle maintenance and accessory sales.

Iveco also hope the scheme will keep owners in the club when it comes to looking at replacement vehicles.

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