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IVECO has launched its new Daily, a model, it says, addresses the latest trends in the commercial vehicle industry driven by digitalisation, automation, electrification and service.

The New Daily is aimed at delivering on performance and sustainability, which come hand in hand with fuel efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership.

It raises the bar on connectivity, unlocking new services to provide a complete package closely tailored to the customers’ use of the vehicle and their businesses. It also offers a full set of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and enhanced safety features.

The new systems enable the driver to focus on the job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking, and improve their safety. In developing these features, IVECO has focused on functionalities specifically aimed at helping drivers around town.

The Advanced Emergency Braking System and City Brake PRO prevents collisions at speeds below 50 km/h, and mitigates the impact at higher speeds. It autonomously detects the potential for a collision ahead and brakes accordingly if the driver doesn’t intervene, ensuring their safety.

The New Daily goes even further with theCity Brake PRO, which operates to prevent accidents when driving as slowly as 5 km/h.

It also  uses technology to reduce the driver’s stress levels. In urban missions, where customers often drive in heavy traffic, Queue Assist will make a big difference by following the vehicle ahead in slow-moving queues up to a standstill, eliminating the stress of stop-start traffic.

The New Daily is the first 7.2-tonne vehicle to offer the Queue Assist and City Brake PRO functionalities.

Adaptive Cruise Control, in combination with the Queue Assist, maintains the set speed and safety distance from the vehicle ahead, while ProActive Lane Keeping Assist prevents the van from involuntarily drifting out of the lane with an active steering support.

In case of lateral wind gusts, Crosswind Assist helps the driver to maintain the vehicle’s stability in the lane.

There is also Hill Descent Control and Traction Plus, which keeps a firm grip on slippery surfaces, such as sand, mud or snow. The New Daily is the first vehicle in its class to offer these two features on Rear Wheel Drive models.

The new model also takes connectivity to a new level as the enabler of a whole range of new services and puts the vehicle in direct contact with IVECO’s Control Room, providing real-time data.

This enables IVECO specialists to maximise the vehicle’s uptime by conducting proactive diagnostics and taking preventative actions, planning maintenance and service interventions efficiently in order to optimise the number of visits to the workshop, minimising stoppages.

In addition, Remote Assistance Service makes it possible to carry out dataset changes, diagnostics sessions and even software uploads remotely Over The Air, avoiding stops at the Dealer’s workshop. This results in significant benefits for the vehicle’s uptime and the customer’s business.

The real-time data provided by the Daily also enables IVECO to develop new tailormade financing offers. These plans take into consideration the fluctuations in the customer’s operations, which may mean the vehicle is used less than originally expected, and adjust payments accordingly.

The connectivity also offers telematics solutions to help owners-drivers and fleet managers optimise their efficiency. The MyDaily portal enables vehicle owners to monitor the van from their desktop computer or on the move from their mobile device.

They can analyse its performance and fuel consumption, as well as the driver’s driving style. The Daily will also send regular Smart Reports on the vehicle’s key parameters with suggestions on how to improve the driving style to save fuel. Customers can also plan the Daily’s service interventions to push its efficiency to its maximum.

For fleet managers, the New Daily offers IVECO fleet management by Verizon Connect, a solution that will help them reduce fleet expenses through better navigation, fleet visibility, advanced engine diagnostics and near real-time mileage reporting.


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