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Julie Jenner, re-elected chairman of ACFO for 2010

Jenner: ACFO chairman again

Stability for the organisation representing fleet operators

EXCELLENT news for all small businesses operating a number of business vans, or a mixture of company cars and vans: Julie Jenner has been re-elected chairman of ACFO – the Association of Car Fleet Operators.

ACFO is a non-profit making organisation and Ms Jenner has served as chairman since being first elected in 2006.

The organisation represents the interests of all businesses that operate both vans and cars as part of their normal commercial activities. There are some 800 members who are collectively responsible for over 500,000 vehicles in the UK fleet market.

ACFO’s members range from small businesses to large enterprises, but all benefit from pooled knowledge and expertise.

Ms Jenner’s day job is as key solutions manager for contract hire and leasing company GE Capital Solutions.

“My job means that I am handling an extremely wide range of issues at the coalface of fleet management every minute of every day. Therefore, I am very conscious of the problems faced by operators in charge of small, medium and large fleets,” commented Ms Jenner.

“One of the key issues we face over the coming months is to establish a constructive dialogue with the coalition government on fleet-related matters,” she continued.

“Historically ACFO has enjoyed a close relationship with a number of ministers in Whitehall departments. We continue to work closely with civil servants in those departments – particularly the Department for Transport, HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs – and provide feedback from the ACFO membership on a number of fleet-related topics.

“Now that coalition government ministers are in place we are seeking talks with them to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the UK fleet industry and the impact their decisions have on both vehicle operations and company van and car drivers,”she concluded.