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TomTom WORK: know where you drivers are

New TomTom kit helps record hours and mileage

HERE’S AN easier way to keep tabs on your van drivers from TomTom WORK (the business division of the satnav makers).

A device called ‘Remote LINK Working Time’ device enables firms to track the hours of every driver while they are away from the company base, while ‘Remote LINK Logbook’ allows drivers to record their mileage.

“The TomTom LINK system makes it easy for business van managers to track and trace their business vans,” said Thomas Schmidt, managing director TomTom WORK. “By adding these new Remote LINK devices, managers can gather valuable data about their drivers’ working hours and mileage – data they can use to boost productivity, increase efficiency and save money.”

The Remote LINK Working Time not only offers insight into employee activity on the road – it also transforms employee productivity by removing the need for manual timesheets. Designed as an easy-to-use remote control, it enables each employee to identify themselves and record their working status by ‘clicking’ their ID key on the remote. This information is sent automatically back to the office through the TomTom LINK.

Using TomTom’s web-based reporting tool, managers can run reports on when employees started, paused and stopped work.

The Remote LINK Logbook records mileage at the click of a button.

The Remote LINK Working Time and Remote LINK Logbook will be available from late spring. The recommended price is £69 for each device and £35 for ten ID keys to use with the Working Time device.

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