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WE know that’s an awful pun but it does serve a purpose. Winter is coming and it’s always a good idea to check  you’re in a fit state to survive it with a winter van check.

There are four million vans in Britain and ATS Euromaster are offering a £20 multi-point winter van check designed to help keep them running through the colder months.

The check provides an investigation of a van’s critical components, such as the tyres, brakes and battery, designed to identify any areas that could be badly affected by cold weather, plus a top-up of oil and screenwash.

More than 130 million parcels are sent for delivery at this time of year, predominantly via van. Maintaining that delivery network is crucial for the British economy. Losing your means of transport at this time of year, even for a short time can have an impact in terms of lost business.

Peter Fairlie, Retail & Fleet Director, ATS Euromaster, says:

“With the NHS recommending flu jabs for critical workers, we’re extending the idea to critical vehicles. Vans are the backbone of British business, and will be subject to strain over the winter period from inclement weather and an increase in parcel deliveries in the run-up to Christmas. Don’t let a bad case of van flu freeze your business.”

For the sake of just £20 it’s well worth taking the time to get a diagnosis and no-obligation advice on any vital treatments which might be needed.

If any work does need doing the vehicle can be booked in, helping to protect the van against expensive ‘sick leave’ at a later date.

Winter van checks can be booked online, or requested on a same-day basis in local centres, subject to availability. The 20-point health checks are being offered across ATS Euromaster’s network of more than 300 centres nationwide.

Winter Van Check



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