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A NEW app SWEDISH aimed at making people safer drivers has been launched by Swedish safety specialist Autoliv.

Safety Score by Autoliv, a smartphone application, monitors real-time driver behaviour and compares it against the company’s proprietary data algorithms and known causes of accidents, providing the user with a personalised 3-digit safe driver score.

The higher the score, the more safe-driving behaviour the driver exhibited over an array of data points including turning, acceleration, braking, speed and distractions.

The app also collects and compares data on weather, type of roads driven on, time of day and trip duration.

Christoffer Malm, Autoliv Director of Digital and Mobility, said that having a personalsed safety score based on individual driving behaviour could also be used by ride-hailing, taxi, limousine and other fleet and professional driving companies to provide an objective picture of a user’s safe-driving habits and provide a platform for evaluating and improving driving behaviour.

Additionally, a personalised Safety Score based on individual driving behaviour could also be used to reduce insurance costs.

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