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Land Rover Defender 110 Utility Wagon

Defender: VAT and tax savings on LCV rating

Defender Station Wagon reclassified as a van

Land Rover has reclassified the Defender 110 Station Wagon with Utility Pack from M1 passenger-carrying vehicle to N1 Light Commercial Vehicle.

With a payload capability in excess of 1000kg, the Defender 110 Utility Wagon also meets requirements to be classified as a light goods vehicle for VAT purposes, if it is being used in a commercial role.

Customers purchasing a Defender 110 Utility Wagon for commercial requirements can benefit from the following: VAT reclaim; benefit-in-kind tax capped at £3000 for light commercial vehicles; and an LCV rate of Vehicle Excise Duty of £185 from May 1, 2009.

The Utility Pack, which is a no-cost option available on all three trim levels – base, County and XS – replaces the rear side windows of the standard station wagon with panelled sides, providing a secure load space area while maintaining seating for five people.

John Edwards, UK managing director, Land Rover said: “The change in classification for the Defender 110 Utility Wagon provides our business customers with a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to other double cabs. The Utility pack ensures a more secure load space while not affecting the vehicle’s ability to transport five people comfortably – making it an ideal workhorse.”

Prices for the Utility Wagon will start from £23,970.00 OTR (£20,874.78 ex-15% VAT but including VED and £55 registration fee).

Further information

Here’s the savings in benefit-in-kind tax that can be made thanks to the reclassification of the Land Rover Defender Station Wagon to a commercial vehicle Utility Station Wagon.

  • Company car tax per year £1613 (20%); £3226 (40%)
  • Company van tax per year £600 (20%); £1200 (40%)
  • Total tax savings per year £1013 (20%); £2026 (40%)

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