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Paneltex will show a new fridge van designed for home deliveries

THIS year’s CV Show is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet with a huge range of specialist firms showcasing a wealth of vehicles, products and equipment that could benefit your business.


Paneltex fridge vans

Among the line-up of refrigerated body conversions on show from Paneltex  Somers in the Cool Pavillion will be Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab with a 3650mm refrigerated box body. It’s been designed specifically for the multi-drop, home-delivery market.

The van has double rear doors, hinged to open 270° in addition to a single door on each side, which open through 180°.

To separate the ambient area from the chilled area, a pair of lightweight insulated doors is fitted within the body. Refrigeration is provided by a bespoke GAH Arrow AM20 super lightweight refrigeration system.

Paneltex will show two vehicles, a Mercedes LWB Citan equipped with a Somers refrigerated conversion that will provide freeze temperatures down to -25°C alongside a refrigerated left-hand-drive Volkswagen Crafter set to go to work for a Dutch customer in Holland when the CV Show comes to a close. This medium-wheelbase, high-roof Crafter also has a full freeze facility.


Fraudulent insurance claims are one of the reasons for the growth in journey recorders

Journey recorders to stave off insurance fraud

The CV Show will host the launch of the Defender-Pro range of windscreen-mounted HD Drive Recorders and multi-camera DVRs by in-vehicle video specialist RoadPixel.

In-van journey recorders are becoming ever more popular as as a means of establishing fault in the event of an accident and they’re also a great tool for business van managers to improve driving standards.

The DVR-R2 is intended for vans with restricted space, and will record up to 20 hours of sound, video and GPS data on a solid state SD card.

The unit has shock- and vibration-proof mounts and will record for a week (or longer) at a time onto a hot-swappable SSHD (solid state hard drive).

The company will also introduce its ‘Ask the Expert’ feature with Accident Investigator Andy Garden, who spent 20 years as a traffic police officer specialising in vehicle examination and accident investigation. He is now a forensic collision investigator and consultant on driver safety and fleet risk management.


Vehicle telemetry

CMS SupaTrak and Route Monkey have collaborated on a new integrated solution to combine real-time vehicle telematics, route optimisation and scheduling.

The system, called EcoPlan, allows businesses to integrate existing routing and planning systems with Route Monkey,  optimising the data based on, for instance, average road speeds, site access times, road restrictions and driving/working hours.

This information is imported into the CMS SupaTrak system and integrated with real-time vehicle telematics data to create planned routes against actual journeys taken.

The optimised routes are displayed to drivers with delays recorded in real-time, giving up-to-date information to back-office operators via the CMS SupaTrak system, and delivered to the web-based application or recipients by SMS and email.

Alerts include route deviation, late arrival on site, and maximum on-site time exceeded or – all of which can reduce operational efficiency increasing costs and harming customer satisfaction.


Keep your vans moving safely in the snow

AutoSock will be showing its reusable textile ‘socks’ that are pulled over the driving wheels of vans, HGVs or cars when extra grip is needed on snow.

AutoSock says the socks work well in all snow conditions, and fitting takes only a couple of minutes requiring no special training. The full range will be on display at this year’s CV Show.


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