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According to latest BCA reports, professional buyers are fighting for retail-ready vans

According to the latest British Car Auctions (BCA) report, professional buyers are fighting for the stock on offer as supplies of retail-ready vans continued to be scarce.

The average van at BCA sold for £5,560 in September, the third highest monthly average value on record.

Compared to August, part-exchange values increased, while fleet & lease and nearly-new values declined.

Year-on-year values remain well ahead by £402 (7.7%), with age falling and mileage static.  Performance against CAP was down by just over a point compared to 2013.

BCA’s General Manager – Commercial Vehicles, Duncan Ward, commented “There can be little doubt that the improving economic background is giving a boost to the used LCV market, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remain positive about future prospects.

“The shortage of good retail quality stock is helping to keep values firm and competition is high for well-presented vans in good colours.”

He added: “We are now moving into the time of year when the demand for parcel, courier and delivery vans of all types and capacities starts to ramp up, and this will help to keep values firm over the coming weeks.”

Values for fleet and lease LCVs averaged £6,550 in September, with CAP performance improving by half a point to 103.5% and retained value against Manufacturer Recommended Price falling slightly compared to August at 36.26%.

Year-on-year, values were up by £142 (2.2%), with performance against CAP down by one and half points on 2013.

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