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Driver safety
Highway to the Danger Zone –  Van drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than other drivers

AXA Business Insurance has highlighted the fact that van drivers are nearly 50 per cent more likely than other motorists to suffer accidents caused by tailgating or following too close behind another vehicle, according to police statistics.

Longer hours on the road can contribute to tiredness, while differences in weight, visibility and dimensions make common manoeuvres more difficult if you are driving a van.

AXA Business Insurance is reminding van drivers to reduce their risk and keep a safe distance this Valentine’s Day

Because they are often heavier loaded than cars, a van can take up to four times longer to stop after braking so accidents caused by tailgating are a greater danger.

With this in mind, AXA Business Insurance is reminding van drivers to reduce their risk and keep a safe distance this Valentine’s Day.

Darrell Sansom, Managing Director at AXA Business Insurance, said, “Whether you use your van for work, deliveries or family trips, it’s worth remembering that you face greater risks than other motorists, and driving a van requires a lot more skill than driving a car.

Back off! That’s the message to van drivers from one insurance company.

“The nation’s van drivers are right at the heart of our economy and we know the pressure to fit as much as possible into the working day often comes with the job.

“But however rushed you feel, keeping a safe distance and an appropriate speed doesn’t just reduce your risk of getting hurt or hurting others, it also makes sound business sense keeping you on the road and avoiding the extra costs associated with a bump or prang.”

He added, “It’s worth remembering that getting up too close can incur serious legal penalties too. Most of us know that if you are caught tailgating you could be hit with an on-the-spot £100 fine and three penalty points, but fewer realise that if the worst happens and someone is fatally injured, the employer can be held criminally responsible under the Corporate Manslaughter Act – a devastating consequence for all concerned.

“Of course accidents do happen – even to the most professional and most confident drivers, so our advice to anyone getting behind the wheel this Valentine’s Day, as on every other day, is reduce your risks. Don’t get too close, make sure you are properly insured should the worst happen, and keep your insurance details to hand should you need them”.


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