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Ticket warden issuing PCN to a van driver

Manage parking tickets with Fleetpcmanager

Parking ticket management software for van operators

DO YOU suffer a daily barrage of parking fines?

Well, here’s something to help van operators manage parking tickets more effectively: a web-based parking appeal management system for commercial operators.

Around half of all tickets issued are to vehicle operators who are often lawfully engaged in unloading or delivering goods, says the makers of the online software, Fleetpcnmanager.

We saw this outside the Business Van Manager offices recently when a heavy goods vehicle unloading flowers for our local florist was ticketed – because part of the trailer was in a bus stop area. Yet there was no where else for the lorry to park such a long vehicle.

Recent non-statutory guidance to local authorities on loading and unloading definitions was introduced alongside the Traffic Management Act 2004. The guidance advised that before they issue tickets wardens should take into account drivers getting signatures and locking vehicles to take goods inside customer premises. However, many operators and van drivers feel this may not reflect actual practice.

The parking ticket appeal website for commercial operators,, was developed specifically to resolve the issues faced by business van managers responsible for managing their company parking tickets.

Kevin Morrison Fleetpcnmanager

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