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REPLACING an engine may sound a bit drastic but sometimes it can be the quickest route to getting your van back on the road. When a quick turnaround is essential to your business a Reman engine can make a huge difference

Cornwall’s Flying Fish Seafoods supplies the finest, freshly-landed catches to some of Britain’s top hotels and restaurants. The business relies on its fleet of refrigerated Mercedes-Benz Sprinters to keep the deliveries going.

Flying Fish Seafoods’ Sprinters typically leave headquarters at 7pm, having already collected the pick of the day’s catch from local fish markets. What follows is a night race across southern England to get the catch to the customer. It is a gruelling schedule that sees each vehicle racking up at least 100,000 miles per year.

Flying Fish Seafoods runs 13 Sprinters, in various lengths and with different power ratings. Ensuring that this fleet remains on the road is crucial to the success of a company which has built an enviable reputation, not only for the quality of its seafood but also for its dependable overnight delivery service.

Like all Mercedes vans, Flying Fish Seafoods’ Sprinters come with a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. A major plus when every one of your vans can easily clock-up well in excess of 300,000 miles within that time.

When you are running a fleet of vans it is inevitable that problems will occur. When the workload is that arduous even the most reliable van can suffer a mechanical breakdown. In extreme cases it can be quicker and more convenient to simply fit a Reman engine rather than attempt a complex and time-consuming repair.

Rather than having a van off the road while the workshop diagnose and repair a fault the Dealer has the option of replacing a complete engine with a Mercedes-Benz Reman unit.

Nick Hankins, Service Team Manager at Mercedes-Benz South-West, Truro, who look after Flying Fish Seafoods’ fleet said:

“There are situations in which this option allows us to turn around a vehicle more quickly than would otherwise be possible, and get it back out on the road where it’s needed. And of course, fitment of a Mercedes-Benz Reman engine ensures seamless continuation of the manufacturer’s warranty cover.”

Fitting a factory-approved Mercedes-Benz Reman engine ensures the quickest possible workshop turnaround times. These engines are not simply refurbished or reconditioned either. They are fully remanufactured by Mercedes-Benz to bring them back up to factory-fresh condition and to help keep businesses moving.

Flying Fish Seafoods is a big fan of Mercedes-Benz Service Care contracts, under which it pays up front to secure the price of six services per vehicle, per year. Logistics Manager Harry Squires explains:

“The vans are superbly reliable, of course. However, the peace of mind we get from knowing that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, we can get it fixed under warranty, with no quibbles, is also crucial. Because they cover such high mileages our vans can need routine maintenance every couple of months. The Service Care package means we pay once and then don’t have to think about it again. The rates are highly competitive too.”

No matter how good a van may be, it’s of no use to anyone when it is stuck in a workshop. A Reman engine is just one way to ensure your van stays where it belongs, on the road.

Mercedes-Benz reman engine

Mercedes-Benz reman engine


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