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Mercedes won because of the range of its van finance offering, and because it recognises the needs of smaller operators

Business Vans Awards logoDESPITE claims that Britain’s business prospects are booming, a lot of small trades people are still struggling financially. As vans are a central part of their businesses, it’s vital that they get a cost-effective finance package to fund their purchases.

Mercedes-Benz Financing can break down the cost of purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz van into easily manageable monthly payments and puts customers and businesses in control of their financial flexibility.

Hire Purchase, Hire Purchase with a balloon payment, and Agility are all financing options offered by Mercedes-Benz that help customers get the vehicle they want with only one partner to deal with.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz Leasing takes the risk out of the ownership experience and allows customers and businesses to know precisely what costs are involved.

Maintenance of the vehicle is covered within the agreement while capital remains free to use as the customer wishes.

“Mercedes offers the complete range of finance types and recognises the importance of GAP insurance for the smaller operator who may be unable to bear a catastophic loss,” commented Rod Lloyd, managing director of van supplier Low Cost Vans.

The Business Van of the Year Awards 2014 are supported by MAGMA Automotive.


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