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Nissan NV400
First Nissan Van Report into driving habits shatters many of the stereotypes that surround van drivers

VAN drivers – scourge of the outside lane. Isn’t that the stereotype? But actually van drivers are far more middle of the road.

You’ll find the majority tuned into Radio 2 inside their cabs, and if they’re not listening to that, then you’ll find more listening to Classic FM rather than Radio 5 Live.

So you’re a cultured lot, as well as middle of the road!

The findings come from the first Nissan Van Report, aimed at gauging the changing face of the van industry, which was launched yesterday.

Nissan says it plans to conduct the survey every year.

Matt Dale
Matt Dale,  LCV sales manager

Nissan found that van drivers are more likely to listen to Classic FM than Radio 5 Live

“We believe it’s the first report of its kind aimed at vans. We plan to update it annually to build a true picture of the industry and how we can better serve the needs of both business van drivers and van fleet managers in the future,” said Matt Dale, national LCV sales manager, Nissan.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the usage of vans as local delivery vehicles or trade vehicles, the average mileage of 48% of those surveyed was below 100 miles a day: 23% drove between 101-200 miles per day; while 26% drove more than 201 miles per day.

Nissan British Gas van
The Nissan eNV200 electric van is being trialled by British Gas

“What’s interesting about this,” continued Matt, “is that would make our electric Nissan eNV200 a perfect vehicle for them. There would be no range issues, no tailpipe emissions, and running costs would be virtually zero.”

The Nissan eNV200, which is currently being trialled as a company van by British Gas, will be displayed at the forthcoming CV Show at the NEC, 9-11 April.

Other findings from the Nissan Van Report driver survey included:

  • Junk food is off the menu: 32% said a packed lunch was their number one choice; only 5% preferred a pie.
  • ‘Clean me’ etched into the dirt and grime is being washed away: 92% liked to drive a clean van and most said a clean van made them a better driver.
  • Experience counts: most drivers were over 45; only 3% of van drivers were aged between 16-24.

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