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If you want one, better hurry up. The Clubvan is being phased out as the new model Clubman is being introduced

THE MINI Clubvan is set to be making its last deliveries, whether it’s for the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker.

The popular car-derived van version of the MINI Clubman is being phased out as the new model is being introduced.

A concept version of the new MINI Clubman was introduced at the recent Geneva Motor Show (see New MINI Clubman gets sensible doors for rear-seat passengers) although there is no word yet on a follow-up van version of the latest estate model.

MINI says it had tried to secure further production of the current Clubvan from the MINI Oxford plant to meet demand, but to no avail. So what stock that’s available at MINI dealers is all that exists.

“Nothing has been confirmed on a Clubvan replacement,” said James Morrison, corporate development manager at MINI. “However, from our perspective in corporate sales – where it has been immensely popular with high street small businesses and trades – we would love to see it.

“The new concept Clubman on which it is based has been announced, so it’s possible we’ll see a commercial vehicle application from that. But as I said, nothing has been confirmed.”

With the lack of any further product from the factory, James said MINI had regrettably decided to withdraw from this year’s CV Show. A shame. The ‘MINI market‘ was a star stand at last year’s show.


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