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SafePlan: H&S compliance

Duty of care product keeps your business legal

Network, the national funder of van leasing brokers, has a simple duty of care product.

Called SafePlan, it provides small businesses with a duty of care framework for driving on business compliance.

“It’s an online programme that’s simple to use,” said Jo Elms, head of Network. “It builds a risk profile of your business. And provides a policy library covering such issues as alcohol and driving, diabetes and driving, and so on.

“For most small businesses, even if they start with a company policy on driving for business, that’s a big step towards compliance.”

The SafePlan programme costs £495 per annum. It requires just 30 minutes a week says Network. Against the outlay, SafePlan promises to provide processes in place that cover employees driving on business; and a return on investment tool to monitor reduced accident and repair damage.

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