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New Transit Custom is high-tech stress buster
The rear view camera image is shown on a display in the rear-view mirror and includes a graphic overlay of the area behind

THE new Ford Transit Custom is packed with equipment to help van drivers with the stress of busy working days behind the wheel.

The new model has the Ford’s latest Car Driver Assistance Technology to keep drivers relaxed and confident even in busy traffic and congested city operations. It’s all been used in Ford’s cars so the technology is tried and tested.

  • The speed limiter allows the driver to set a personal speed limit – very useful when working in unfamiliar built-up areas, or through motorway roadworks – so the driver can concentrate on the road without worrying about exceeding the limit.
  • Cruise control switches on the steering wheel are more familiar, and allow drivers to set a maximum speed – great for quiet motorways.
  • There’s a rear view camera in the tailgate that gives a wide-angle view of obstacles behind the van. The image is shown on a display in the rear-view mirror and includes a graphic overlay of the area 2m behind the van which shows the van’s trajectory.
  • Front and rear parking sensors.
New Transit Custom is high-tech stress buster
Front and rear parking sensors warn if you’re going to hit something when you’re parking
  • To improve visibility while manoeuvring at night, High-series model headlamps have cornering lights which are activated at speeds below 18.6mph (30kph). They turn toward the appropriate side of the road when the steering wheel is turned or indicators are operated.

Other advanced features, controlled by a forward-facing camera and the van’s computer, are:

  • Lane keeping alert, which warns the driver via steering wheel vibration if the van begins to drift from its lane
  • Driver alert, that recognises sideways drifting typically caused by drowsiness or a drop on concentration and issues a two-stage warning
  • Auto high beam, which switches the headlamps automatically between high beam and dipped beam, helping to maximise visibility and reduce the need to switch lamps manually.

Additional optional kit on offer includes automatic headlamps and rain-sensing wipers.

Read our road test of the new Transit Custom for a full business van review.

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