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Van driver handing over new TOTALCARD green fuel card

Fuel card: save CO2, costs

New TOTALCARD green tracks fuel expenditure online

TOTALCARD fuel card supplier has launched a brand new fuel card.

The new fuel card, called TOTALCARD green, is aimed at reducing the CO2 emissions of business van and car operators.

With new regulations regarding carbon disclosure and CO2 reduction targets shortly coming into force, TOTALCARD green helps businesses track and ultimately reduce the CO2 emissions of their business vehicles.

And with reduced emissions come reduced fuel expenditure.

TOTALCARD says there are four main benefits of TOTALCARD green:

1, Calculate CO2 emissions

  • Businesses can obtain an online report that calculates the combined CO2 emissions of its business vehicles, based on its fuel expenditure

2, Implement a CO2 reduction plan

  • Businesses receive pricing incentives on advanced fuels which reduce fuel consumption by 3.8%
  • Businesses can take control of their spending by using the web services that enable them to monitor business vehicle expenditure; flag abnormal transactions; detail miles per gallon for each vehicle; and provide daily transaction reports
  • Business van managers will receive advice on how to reduce fuel consumption by adopting four simple acts of using advanced fuels and lubricants, maintaining correct maintenance and developing effective driving behaviours

3, Follow up CO2 emissions

  • Businesses can monitor the efficiency of their CO2 reduction plans by obtaining online reports detailing the combined CO2 emissions of their business vehicles; the percentage of advanced fuel used; and the savings that have been made in both litres and carbon emissions

4, Carbon Clear offsetting programme

  • The Carbon Clear programme provides businesses with the opportunity to offset their remaining CO2 emissions by offering a carbon offsetting scheme. TOTAL will also contribute to the scheme, based on the fuel volumes purchased by TOTALCARD green users

Samuel Vermeersch, TOTALCARD development manager, commented: “We understand the issues faced by businesses and appreciate that ongoing environmental legislation changes can be hard to implement. We also know that more and more companies are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint, even if they are not made to.

“We strongly believe that TOTALCARD green will help businesses optimise their fuel spending and make carbon management much easier for them.”