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Allan Rushforth revealing the new H350 van today

HYUNDAI is getting more serious about the van market with the release of a teaser shot of the new H350.

The H350 – a 3.5 tonner heavy van – will be shown at the Hannover Show (25 Sep) in Germany, while it will also be shown at the car-based Paris Show the following month (4 October).

The Hyundai H350 was announced by Allan Rushforth, Hyundai Europe’s vice president and chief  operating officer.

“We need to be more active with SME van operators, so we are launching the H350 3.5 tonne van,” commented Allan. “It will be designed and built in Turkey for the European market and will go on sale in 2016.”

The Hyundai H350 van will be offered in just one wheelbase but with three different configurations:

• Cargo van

• Chassis cab

• Bus

Currently there is no word on what engine will power the new H350.

In the UK Hyundai says it is evaluating the proposition for the new H350.

“First of all I think we need to get better supply of our iLoad before we start considering the H350,” commented Tony Whitehorn, boss of Hyundai in the UK.

“If we believe the proposition is right for both iLoad and H350 in the UK then we will get right hand drive production of the new H350 van.”

Whitehorn said the company was considering the setting up of specialist LCV centres – most likely at the company’s existing 40 business centres.

“It makes sense for our Business Centres to be able to offer SME small fleets both cars and vans under the one roof. But because the H350 will come as a chassis cab – as a platform for many derivatives – we have to make sure we can support the van properly. If we can get all those things in place, then we’ll see the H350 in the UK.”

Before the H350 arrives, the smaller Hyundai iLoad will be refreshed in 2015.


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