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Ford Fiesta SportVan - all vans must be registered on the Motor Insurance Bureau Database

Insurance crackdown could catch out van owners

Focus on van owners to comply with Motor Insurance Bureau Database

VAN owners and business van managers face being caught up in a new insurance law aimed at cracking down on uninsured drivers.

The government will introduce new legislation later this year that makes it an offence if a vehicle is not listed on the Motor Insurance Bureau Database, the official list of insured vehicles.

However, unlike the offence of driving without insurance, which will continue, the new law targets vehicle owners not drivers.

“While businesses are not likely to be without van insurance, clerical errors mean vehicles may not be present on the database,” warned Kevin Griffin, fleet director, Ford.

Motoring organisations are urging business van fleets to check with their insurers that all vehicles are correctly listed on the database.

When the law comes in later this year, van owners will be sent a warning by the DVLA before fines of £100 are handed out.

If these warnings and fines are ignored, vans could be seized and crushed.

Further information

If you would like to know more about the Motor Insurance Bureau Database, the DirectGov website has some very useful further information here:

The Motor Insurance Bureau Database can accessed be here, too:

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