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Invis-A-Rack racking for pick-ups
Invis-A-Rack: great carrying solution for tradespeople driving pick-ups

THERE’S a new cargo management system for pick-ups called Invis-A-Rack.

It should be just perfect for trades – such as plumbers, builders, garden landscapers and joiners – that need to carry ladders or longer items.

The Invis-A-Rack Cargo Management System features a retractable cab-level racking system which means trades can carry ladders, timber or pipework on a pickup.

Made from lightweight aluminium, it can hold up to 220kg static load.

The ability for the Invis-A-Rack to go from invisible to invaluable in seconds makes it ideal for tradespeople

When not required, the Invis-A-Rack folds back into its storage cassette.

Manufactured by US firm DeeZee, it is being distributed by pick-up accessory experts Auto Styling Truckman.

Auto Styling Truckman says the rack comes fully assembled and mounts to the vehicle using a non-drill clamping system, while fitting is simple and straight forward. Once in place the Invis-A-Rack can remain on the vehicle for life and it will not impede on carrying capacity says Auto Styling Truckman.

Mike Wheeler, managing director of Auto Styling Truckman, said:

“The Invis-A-Rack is a major innovation for commercial pick-up truck users. Its ability to go from invisible to invaluable in seconds makes the Invis-A-Rack ideal for tradespeople like plumbers, builders and landscapers who require the flexibility a pick-up truck bed offers while providing a sturdy and reliable storage option for long items.”

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