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New Mercedes Sprinter with ECO-Start

Mercedes Sprinter ECO-Start: better economy

Fuel-efficient Sprinter model added to Mercedes van range

A new Mercedes Sprinter model with anECO-Start system promises to reduce fuel bills and lower harmful exhaust emissions.

ECO-Start works by simply cutting the engine when the vehicle is stationary for more than two seconds.

It automatically re-starts when the driver depresses the clutch pedal. For multi-drop delivery operations or driving through busy town and city centres, or in heavy traffic, the savings to operators are potentially significant.

The ECO-Start system is an option on all new Mercedes Sprinters with four-cylinder engines and manual gearboxes. ECO-Start is an enhanced version of the Motor Start Stop (MSS) system, which worked in a similar way on previous model Sprinters.

“Our own tests in the UK have shown a reduction in fuel consumption of at least 6%,” commented John Reed, product manager, Mercedes Sprinter. “So operators in urban environments have everything to gain with ECO-Start.”

ECO-Start, plus uprated battery and alternator, retails for £545.

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