VW Transporter Kombi
VW Transporter Kombi
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VW commercials timeline

  • Caddy and Transporter T6 launched September
  • Caddy production delayed by switch from EU5 to EU6 engines
  • Generally eight-week delivery process
  • Transporter T6 fully on stream mid October
  • Caddy with EU6 on stream mid November
  • T6 California & Caravelle onstream late November/December

VOLKSWAGEN Commercial Vehicles UK sales took a 22% fall in October in the lull pending new models of Caddy and Transporter but overall the brand has been selling well in the UK, up 11.8% year-on-year January to October to 34,632 sales, with Transporter taking nearly one in three deliveries.

Reflecting the supply fluctuations, the VW sales figures showed sales for Crafter were up 32.8% and Caddy Maxi were 21.2% up while Caddy was down 90.9% with the new model awaited.

The delay has arisen through a switch from EU5 engines to EU6 for Caddy  – now being offered at the same price – but that powertrain production change is only now fully onstream in mid November. Generally the delivery time is eight weeks.

Transporter – up 15.8% year-to-date – was down 17.1% in October as the new T6 van comes on line but with T6 California and Caravelle not on line yet their sales were down to just a single California and ten Caravelles, although overall for the year so far California sales are up 34%.

VW Commercial key global sales

  • Transporter model range: 139,100 (136,500; +1.9 per cent)
  • Crafter model range: 40,400 (39,300; +2.9 per cent)
  • Caddy model range: 114,300 (122,900; -7.0 per cent)
  • Amarok model range: 62,600 (63,450; -1.3 per cent)

Globally, and with some major fluctuations around the world, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles saw January-October sales dip 2% on 2014 with 356,400 vehicles delivered (2014 – 363,900) while sales are rising for the Transporter model range, with 139,100 vehicles sold (+1.9%), and for the Crafter range40,400 (+2.9%).

Deliveries declined 1.6% to 235,400 vehicles in the Western European markets (239,400); down 6.3% in Germany with 91,200 vehicles were delivered in the first 10 months of the year (97,400) while in Spain sales  rose 10.6% year-on-year, to 8,200 units (7,400).

With 28,300 deliveries, 39.6% more vehicles were handed over to customers in the Middle East than in the same period last year (20,300). In Turkey, the most important market in the Middle East, 25,600 vehicles were sold (17,500; +46.4%).  But in Eastern Europe, deliveries fell 18.7% to 25,000 to the end of October (30,700).

In South America, the number of delivered commercial vehicles fell by 6.4 per cent to 31,300 units (33,500), with a 35.2% drop in Brazil to 10,000 vehicles (15,400) countered by an 18.9% rise to 17,000 in the Argentine market (14,300).




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