VW Caddy Sirus 01
The Caddy Sirus wheelchair conversion with fully automated remote tailgate and ramp system with lowering suspension
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Sirus Caddy wheelchair conversions

  • Developed with wheelchair conversion specialist Sirus Automotive
  • Available in Caddy Transfer, Caddy Drive and Caddy Up-Front variants
  • Provides increased choice, independence and mobility for wheelchair users
  • Offers a more realistic ‘car driving’ experience
  • Priced from £26,195

VOLKSWAGEN has launched the first petrol Caddy wheelchair conversion in partnership with Sirus Automotive, the UK’s leading provider of ‘drive-from’ wheelchair and wheelchair passenger Up-Front vehicles.

The model has been developed using the brand’s latest generation Caddy model, providing customers who are looking for a more realistic ‘car driving’ experience the option to select a petrol model for the first time.

Sirus offers three Caddy wheelchair variants: the Caddy Transfer, Caddy Drive and Caddy Up-Front, all offering a superior experience for wheelchair users, whether they are a passenger or driver.

Nick Axtell, specialist sales manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “The launch of the petrol-powered Caddy marks a significant development in the wheelchair conversion market.

“Historically most wheelchair conversions have been diesel. The introduction of petrol power brings more choice for wheelchair users, giving them greater opportunity to increase their mobility while enjoying an enhanced driving experience.”

The converted Volkswagen Caddy Up-Front, available from £26,195, can accommodate most power and manual chairs allowing the passenger to travel next to the driver in complete comfort. As standard, the conversion incorporates an ergonomically redesigned centre console, a shallow ramp (9 degrees), unique gripping surface technology and a fully automated remote tailgate and ramp system with lowering suspension for easy access.

A range of options such as alloy wheels, tyre packages, body styling enhancements and custom audio packages allow customers to create the ultimate in wheelchair accessible transport.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Caddy Drive offers the highest specification ‘drive from wheelchair’ conversion. Available from £34,995, the Caddy Drive can accommodate most large powered chairs, features an ultra lowered floor to ensure exceptional headroom for taller wheelchair users and a re-located gear selector combined with electronic handbrake for ease-of-access and increased floor space.

All of the Volkswagen Caddy petrol and diesel powered Sirus conversions can be leased via the Motability scheme or purchased directly from Sirus Automotive Ltd and come with a three-year warranty supported by Sirus mobile engineers. Vehicles are available for immediate delivery.

petrol Caddy wheelchair
The Caddy Sirus wheelchair conversion


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