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Jon Tobbell, sales and marketing director, Northgate
Northgate's new sales and marketing director: Jon Tobbell


IF your business decides to hire a van in the next few months, it’s quite probably a white one with a green logo on it from Northgate.

And if you’re not, then the new man in charge of sales and marketing will no doubt be enticing you to do so.

Today (02 November 2012) the flexible business van hire and lease company Northgate announced it had appointed a new sales and marketing director – Jon Tobbell.

Jon, whose previous appointment was at Hermes Logistics where he boosted revenues by 50%, will take control of Northgate’s 100 strong sales and account management team.

“There is a common misconception that Northgate only offers commercial vehicle hire, this is not the case,” said Jon on his appointment.

“Northgate offers flexible hire and complete fleet solutions, and it is this untold story that appealed to me. It is my goal to raise the bar and drive Northgate forward as the leader of complete fleet solutions.”

Northgate Vehicle Hire has sites across 62 locations in the UK from where you can hire business vans Northgate’s head office is in Darlington, where it recently opened a new Customer Support Centre (see Northgate gets civic-minded on our Business Vans Facebook page).

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