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All new Vauxhall Vivaro
New Vivaro: stylish, tough, practical and more car-like interior. Built in Britain, too

IF you like the current Vauxhall Vivaro, you’re gonna love the new Vivaro.

It’s more spacious, tougher built, better for you in the cabin – and it will save you on running costs.

There’s the new Vivaro panel van available in two lengths: L1 (4,998 mm) and L2  (5,398 mm ), and in two heights.

The load space is now 100 mm longer and the cargo capacity ranges between 5.2 and 8.6 m3.

All new Vivaro front and rear views
New Vivaro will be available with painted bumpers for a more upmarket appearance or with black bumpers for a tougher stance (rear)

It can also take longer loads. Upto 2.95m using the first ‘cat flap’ that extends below the bulkhead and under the front seats; and 3.2m lengths when a secondary ‘cat flat’ is opened that allows 3m piping for instance to extend into the footwell.

The L2 model is positively vast with a 4.15m loading area.

“Although it’s bigger inside thanks to the extra length we have kept the dimensions the same so that racking systems can easily be transferred from current Vivaro into new Vivaro,” said Charles Klein, executive chief engineer commercial vehicles, Opel Europe.

“It means that if you have a small fleet of Vivaro vans, you can run both new and old side by side and not have to worry about a whole new racking system. They transfer from old to new.”

What’s more, there’s plenty of choice too in bodystyles too.

New Vivaro load bay
The load bay is larger thanks to an additional 100mm in length. Maximum payload is up to 1980kg in L1 versions

Apart from the panel van there’s also Combi, Double Cab and Platform Cab body styles straight from the Luton factory where new Vivaro is built.

There’s also a brand new range of engines designed to provide you with better pulling power and lower running costs.

There are two engines: a turbo diesel and a biturbo diesel both in different states of tune:

The new Vivaro is best in class for economy

  • 1.6 CDTi 90PS
  • 1.6 CDTi 115PS
  • 1.6 BiTurbo CDTi 120PS
  • 1.6 BiTurbo CDTi 140PS


The new 1.6 BiTurbo CDTi features sequential turbocharging and a twin-cooler system. Which is great for tech heads. But what you probably want to know is – how much will it save me?

A fair amount. While you would have thought the BiTurbo to be the least economical, that’s not the case – Vauxhall says there’s up to 49.5mpg. And there’s more economy if you use the ‘eco’ driving mode button. Vauxhall reckons the new engine makes the new Vivaro the best-in-class for economy.

The new Vivaro also provides plenty of power. From just 1,500rpm, the 120PS BiTurbo generates impressive maximum torque of 320Nm, while the 140PS variant delivers 340Nm.

There’s plenty of drivability too. From just 1,500rpm, the 120PS BiTurbo generates 320Nm torque, while the 140PS variant delivers 340Nm, so there’s plenty of pull for your pound.

Interior of new Vivaro
How about this for a driving environment and mobile office? Better quality, better comfort, greater convenience are hallmarks of the new Vivaro (shown here in left hand drive Opel version)

Inside the cabin you’ll find a smarter, more car like interior that provides you with a mobile workspace. The seats adjust for height, length and rake; the steering wheel is adjustable too and there’s a mobile phone cradle, a table cradle, a hideaway for your laptop computer and an ingenious detachable clipboard.

Today’s customers require more from a van than ever before

A ‘Keyless Open & Start’ system means you can carry materials to the van without having to scrabble for your keys; or if you wear gloves while carrying big items you can just easily open the rear doors without having to remove your gloves. Simple stuff, but it makes a big difference to trades.

“The Vivaro is in a fiercely competitive market, and today’s customers require more from a van than ever before,” said Steve Bryant, brand manager, Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles. “The British-built Vivaro look set to further strengthen our position in the light commercial vehicle market.”

The all-new Vivaro goes on sale in June; it will be available from September. It will be built in the UK at Vauxhall’s Luton plant.






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