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All new Vauxhall Vivaro
New Vivaro: stylish, tough, practical and more car-like interior. Built in Britain, too

IF you like the current Vauxhall Vivaro, you’re gonna love the new Vivaro.

It’s more spacious, tougher built, better for you in the cabin – and it will save you on running costs.

There’s the new Vivaro panel van available in two lengths: L1 (4,998 mm) and L2  (5,398 mm ), and in two heights.

The load space is now 100 mm longer and the cargo capacity ranges between 5.2 and 8.6 m3.

All new Vivaro front and rear views
New Vivaro will be available with painted bumpers for a more upmarket appearance or with black bumpers for a tougher stance (rear)

It can also take longer loads. Upto 2.95m using the first ‘cat flap’ that extends below the bulkhead and under the front seats; and 3.2m lengths when a secondary ‘cat flat’ is opened that allows 3m piping for instance to extend into the footwell.

The L2 model is positively vast with a 4.15m loading area.

“Although it’s bigger inside thanks to the extra length we have kept the dimensions the same so that racking systems can easily be transferred from current Vivaro into new Vivaro,” said Charles Klein, executive chief engineer commercial vehicles, Opel Europe.

“It means that if you have a small fleet of Vivaro vans, you can run both new and old side by side and not have to worry about a whole new racking system. They transfer from old to new.”

What’s more, there’s plenty of choice too in bodystyles too.

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