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IT’S like this: you’ve heard of telematics; read about the advantages that it can offer your business van fleet; but you’ve never been convinced it’s really worth it.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles telematics in brief

  • New telematics system available from February 2015
  • Can be fitted to almost any vehicle; in other words you can have a mix of different van brands on our business van fleet and still benefit
  • Provides real-time data to reduce fuel costs, monitor driver behaviour and increase productivity
  • Includes ‘Driverline’ concierge service, which proactively contacts the customer to book maintenance service and manage vehicle downtime
  • Partnership between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance and the RAC
  • Low cost monthly contract fee of just £12.50 per month (ex VAT)

Step in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

VW wants to change your mind with a telematics solution that costs just £12.50 per van per month.

What’s in it for you?

This, says Volkswagen: the new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles telematics telematics system is engineered to operate on any size of business van operation; the service provides an efficient method for managing vehicle running costs, increasing efficiency and proactively reducing downtime of your business vans.

So now you know.

Andrew Waite, head of sales operations at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, says:

“We can make a difference by extending fleet telematics to an SME audience. It’s something SMEs don’t have today.”

So what will Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles telematics give you? The following:

  • real-time data and reporting through an easy-to-access customisable portal – improves vehicle efficiency
  • collision detection
  • fuel efficiency monitoring
  • CO2 emissions monitoring
  • service alerts
  • service scheduling; and
  • geo-fencing.

One of the key elements is the ability to deliver real time information about a van’s condition to the business van manager through the ‘Driverline’ concierge service.

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