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Manheim van auction

Vans sales at Manheim: strong start to 2009

Manheim Auctions reports keen van and pick up trading

Van auctions at Manheim Auctions have seen good attendances from the trade. And strong bidding.

Manheim says that, following December when van sales were 35% up on the year before, January has seen the momentum maintained.

Prices were stronger. Many vans attraced higher bids than the previous month – suggesting demand remains healthy, according to Manheim.

“There appears to be a new feeling of guarded confidence leading buyers to bid on vehicles for stock and not just to order,” commented Alex Wright, CV sales director, Manheim.

“Vendors are being more realistic when setting reserves. And buyers are responding. The market remains price sensitive, and buyers can still avoid damaged stock as there is plentiful choice.”

Examples of vans and double cabs sold by Manheim

  • Astra Sportive, 06 plate, 90,000 miles £2,500 (up £500 than was bid on on same van in December)
  • Vivaro 1.9 CDTi, 55 plate, 45,000 miles £4,350 (failed to attract interest in December)
  • Nissan Navara Outlaw double cab turbo diesel, 55 plate, 41,000 miles £7,300

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