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Supertrucks Relay glass carrying van

Nexus: insurance specialist van replacement

Rental insurance service provides like-for-like vans

Nexus Vehicle Rental, a daily rental broker specialist, is supplying the insurance industry with a new service: a replacement vehicle component of motor insurance claims.

It means small businesses with specialist van requirements will be able to obtain the exact van they need – should an accident render their own vehicle undriveable.

Nexus says it can provide such a bespoke service because of its unique position in the vehicle rental market.

“We sit right in the middle of the vehicle rental process,” commented Neil McCrossan, chief executive officer, Nexus.

“We have strong working relationships with most of the major rental companies. And a myriad of smaller regional and specialist vehicle rental suppliers.

“This means we have terms reflecting the overall volume of business we place with the rental companies. We can therefore give insurers the confidence to be able to maintain customer service standards and supply without the headache of managing a multitude of suppliers.

“Our network of specialist vehicle rental providers also means that we can tackle all the

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