Nissan hopes its lucky seven for e-NV200
The e-NV200 is world’s first all-electric seven-seat MPV
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Nissan hopes its lucky seven for e-NV200
The e-NV200 is the world’s first all-electric seven-seat MPV
  • Seven-seat e-NV200 goes on sale in July;
  • Model is world’s first all-electric seven-seat MPV;
  • Introduction of full-trim Evalia to e-NV200 line-up;
  • Model launched in response to high business demand.

NISSAN makes an even better green business proposition with its all-electric e-NV200 this summer launching a seven-seat version.

As the world’s first pure electric seven-seater, it is being introduced in response to huge interest from business car managers seeking extra space and combined with the e-NV200’s low running and maintenance costs and zero emissions performance.

At the same time, the e-NV200 line-up will be further strengthened with the addition of a new ‘Evalia’ version available in five and seven-seat form – offering a ‘full trim’ option for the ultimate combination of technology, style, sophistication and comfort.

The e-NV200, which is based on the proven technology of the Nissan LEAF, costs from just two pence per mile to run and costs much less to maintain than a conventional diesel van.
Total cost of ownership is estimated to be £2,500 lower than a conventional diesel over three years. It has a claimed range of 106 miles on a single charge and can be charged from zero to 80% full in as little as 30 minutes.

Naturally it boasts van-like carrying capacity with the second row of seats rolled forward and folded and the sixth and seventh seats folded to the side, a cavernous 2,940-litres of load space is available. Even with all three rows in place, the seven seat e-NV200 still boasts an impressive 870-litre cargo capacity.

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