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Nissan was voted manufacturer of the most secure vans in the latest Thatchm security awards

Nissan: make the most secure vans says BIVSA

Nissan wins security awards, plus special awards for Ford, Iveco

IF YOU want to ensure your tools or goods don’t go missing, then head for a Nissan dealer and get yourself a Nissan van.

Nissan has just been named the van maker that makes the most secure vans in the latest 2010 British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards (BIVSA) presented at Thatcham security centre. The security awards are supported by the Home Office and the DfT.

Andrew Miller, Director of Research, Thatcham said: “Thatcham has played a key role in the fight against vehicle crime since 1992 and we welcome the opportunity to reward and encourage vehicle manufacturers who are really at the top of their game when it comes to improving the security of their vehicles.”

Although Nissan didn’t win any category outright, the consistency of its approach to security in each sector helped secure its position as van security star for the first time.

Thatcham also awarded a new green award for the first time. This went to Ford and its Fiesta Sport Van. The judges said that the Fiesta proved that buyers need not compromise when it comes to security and helping the environment.

A special Innovation award was presented to Iveco for its use of component marking.

The award, said Thatcham, recognises those manufacturers who are looking beyond their current security solutions to products and services, which give confidence to vehicle owners and have an overall societal benefit of reducing vehicle crime.

Since March 2009, all new Iveco vehicles have been marked using Retainagroup