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Nearly half of business van owners prefer not to brand their vehicles
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OK, you would expect all trades to use the side of their van for free advertising of their business. Correct?

Hmm, not quite. 60% are happy to promote their business and trade association membership on the side of their van.

But 40% prefer to stay anonymous – bare of any company name, contact details or industry accreditations.

Furthermore, 40% of those that don’t brand their vans base that decision on the fact that they have more than enough work, with 25% choosing to keep their van brand free to avoid being targeted by thieves.

The results come from a survey of 200 tradespeople conducted by ECIS, the employee benefits, tradesman and van insurance provider for the construction sector. This survey also highlighted the risk workers face every day from having their tools stolen – to the extent that some firms are missing out on the opportunity to promote their business and industry credentials.

Looking at individual trades, over half (53%) of the General Builders in the survey don’t brand their vans.  In contrast 83% of roofers in the survey were happy to splash their business name across their vehicle, exploiting the free advertising space offered by their vehicles – this was the most of any trade questioned.

The trade profession most worried about theft, citing that as a reason for keeping their van brand-free, were heating and ventilation contractors followed by plumbers and electricians.

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