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Northgate’s new low floor van is design ed for operators looking fr a high payload and easy access

Vehicle operators looking for a high payload with ease of access can now take advantage of a bespoke body-built Luton van.

Northgate Vehicle Hire has launched a new low floor van with a unique solution that combats the payload challenge faced by many vehicles operators.

The greater the payload capacity, the more drop offs a vehicle can perform from a single load, reducing the need for vehicles to return to depots for reloading, resulting in greater operating efficiencies.

Ian Eccles, UK Asset Manager at Northgate, said, “We understand how critical operating efficiencies are and we listen to our customers. In this instance we have responded to a particular customer problem with a unique solution that allows them to overcome payload challenges.

“We are in a unique position in that our vehicle knowledge and experience has allowed us to work with leading manufacturers, Peugeot and Vauxhall, and a body building company, to create this specialist Luton van available on a flexible hire basis.

“It’s a win-win solution as businesses can access these fit-for-purpose vehicles without being tied into any contract. We are encouraging businesses large and small to have a vehicle demonstration and experience the benefits for themselves.”

Adam Ahmed of Giomani Designs, a supplier of leading glass furniture to the trade, has already taken advantage of the new vehicle type and added, “The High Payload Luton has provided us with a unique opportunity to maximise our vehicle capacity.

“The fact that the vehicle is offered as part of Northgate’s flexible vehicle hire service is a real added bonus; allowing us to hire or off-hire at a moment’s notice according to demand – there’s no contract, no commitment and no risk.”

The specialist Northgate vehicle, which is available off the shelf, has been designed using Peugeot and Vauxhall chassis in partnership with a specialist body building company

The Northgate High Payload Luton is designed to allow for an additional 200kg of payload, the vehicle also features a lower load height, which makes the loading process easier and, for some businesses, removes the need for heavy tail lifts – freeing up both payload and space

Offered as part of Northgate’s flexible vehicle hire service and built from the company’s stock of Luton vehicles, businesses are able to hire the High Payload Luton with 24 hours from Northgate strategic branches across the UK

The non-contract service also removes all the hassle and time associated with vehicle maintenance and breakdowns – minimising downtime for businesses through pro-active scheduling and replacement vehicles

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