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Northgate van rental
Mark Lashley will manage the Northgate van rental branch in Charlton

NORTHGATE is busy increasing its presence in the south of England of late – and as part of that expansion, the firm has just opened a branch in Charlton, the fifth in outer London in 12 months.

The branch hopes to pick up business in Charlton, Blackheath, Woolwich and Greenwich, as well as bringing 10 new jobs to the area.

Up to 70 vehicles will be available at any given time and manufacturing, construction and delivery firms are among the likely clients. Rental packages start at £55 a week.

Mark Lashley, Northgate Charlton’s branch manager, commented: “The new branch location at Charlton Riverside boasts an important position along the River Thames and next to the A206.

“Traditionally, the River Thames has been a place for industry and has served as a ‘backland area’ to London, but with shifts in land-uses and the development of ‘smart industry’ the Thames is increasingly becoming an important front and public space for the city, providing the new Charlton branch with a unique commercial opportunity.


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