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Tyre wear
A survey by Halfords Autocentres shows widespread ignorance about how to keep tyres in check

HOW often do you check your tyre pressures? And when you do, do you use a proper pressure device?

Well, if your idea of a tyre pressure check is a good kick and a wobble, then you are in good – if misguided – company.

For a new survey by Halfords Autocentres has found that around a third (32%) of drivers believe that kicking a tyre is an adequate test of whether they are properly inflated.

Rory Carlin of Halfords Autocentres said: “It’s surprising how many people actually use this test but unfortunately kicking a car tyre will tell you absolutely nothing about its roadworthiness.

“Whether you drive a van or a Ferrari the only thing keeping you in contact with the road is your tyres, so it’s vital that they are given a thorough visual inspection at least once a month to check for damage or objects embedded in the tread as well as tread depth and correct inflation.”

One in four motorists (24%) don’t know how to check if their tyre tread depth is above or below the legal limit, a factor that may explain why two thirds of them (60.5%) have skidded on UK roads during the winter.

Under or over-inflated tyres can cause a dangerous loss of grip and stability when cornering or braking and are also much more likely to suffer from a dangerous blowout. Under-inflation reduces the life of the tyre by as much as 25% and fuel economy by up to 5%, while over-inflated tyres are more susceptible to damage caused by potholes or debris.

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