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Double-up: A new higher capacity platform lift is now available from Penny Hydraulics




Penny Hydraulics has come up with a thoughtful platform lift.

The maker of the Load Lift 250 has just introduced a platform lift with double that capacity but which still neatly fits inside the back or side doors of a medium sized van to provide users with highly versatile handling capabilities across a wide range of service, delivery and engineering applications.

It has been introduced to meet customer demand for increased capacity and meet the requirements of fleet tenders which stipulate 500kg performance for tail lifts and similar devices.

Items such as packs, cases, roll cages, trolleys and pallets can all be handled easily with the Load Lift 500. When fitted inside the rear doors of a van the device performs a similar role to a conventional tail lift.

Mounted inside the side door of a delivery vehicle it offers an excellent alternative in applications where a tail lift would be unsafe or impractical such as congested urban areas or when parking spaces are too short for convenient access to the rear doors.

In each case the device fully retracts the load in to the vehicle with no need for manual handling or lifting. The load can then be rolled off the platform into the load space or left in position for secure and safe stowage and transportation.

After use the unit retracts completely inside the vehicle and the platform can be folded up out of the way to leave an unobstructed load space.

Customers can choose from a range of standard and bespoke options to configure a device unique to their own application. The device can be installed by Penny Hydraulics or a customer’s chosen body builder, connecting to an available 12 or 24V power supply.

Operators control the Load Lift 500 with push buttons mounted at a convenient point inside the vehicle or using the remote wander lead supplied with the unit.


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