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The demand for ‘pimped’ vans is growing says Richard Bunn of White Hot Vans. Everyone wants alloys, Bluetooth, sat nav and a power shower. Maybe not the shower

YOU might find it harder to run into White Van Man in future, but he’s not being forced off the road – he’s simply changing colour…

According to the director of Hertfordshire-based White Hot Vans, a van sales and leasing company, the traditional and much-parodied van driver is still very much out there, but in vans that are anything but white.

Tradesmen virtually live in their vans – essentially it’s the office as well

Richard Bunn, one of our judges at the Business Van of the Year Awards, is seeing growing demand for ‘pimped’ vehicles – kitted out with alloy wheels, Bluetooth, sat nav and USB ports, and finished in more radical colours such as silver.

“It’s a different world now from when we had the typical old white van man and we provide vans which reflect this,” Bunn says.

“Tradesmen virtually live in their vans – essentially it’s the office as well – and the van is becoming more important in selling and branding a company’s services. Overall the quality of commercial vehicles is becoming better and better.”

The pimping service offered by White Hot Vans extends from fitting out interiors with office equipment, shelving, racking and lockable ‘rhino tubes’ to carry expensive copper piping, to providing ladders which pull down from the roof rack so tradesmen don’t have to clamber up the back of the van.

The firm effectively provides anything a van buyer might require, right down to wrapping the exterior in the customer’s chosen livery, and according to Richard the pimp service saves time and money because the owner doesn’t have to source different services and equipment from multiple suppliers.


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