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BVRLA: Road pricing must replace existing taxes and duties on motorists says John Lewis

Author: Robin Roberts

Little can be said of potholes that have not already been echoed 100 times in the media today. The BVRLA seems to agree, requesting that the government take the politics out of potholes and give Britain’s van drivers a smoother ride.

The organisation welcomed the PM’s call for additional investment into the UK road network, but wants to see new ways of managing the network emerge before road pricing schemes or new infrastructure is introduced.

This could be achieved through the highways agency being given an independent board to decide on things before rash decisions are made, pointing towards the Prime Minister’s request for private investment in roads.

The board could deliver long-term strategy that could resist short-term political influence and result in overall cost savings long-term.

The BVRLA also pointed out that the government already gains far more in motoring taxes than it spends on the network, with BVRLA Chief Exec, John Lewis saying: “Any extra income the government plans to raise from road pricing or tolls should be used in lieu of what motorists, including all those van drivers, pay in road tax and fuel duty, not in addition to it,”

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